Black Military-Style ECWCS Gen II Parka

Black Military-Style ECWCS Gen II Parka
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Price: $124.00
Manufacturer: Rothco
Weight: 6.00 lbs
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Do you need an awesome, non-military looking, but just as capable parka? Tired of buying very expensive ($200.00+) Gor**x parkas only to do something (like rip them) and then it is worthless?  Well, here is a solution to the problem.  Here is the military-style ECWCS parka many have heard about, excpet it is made of Hyvat instead of that EXPENSIVE stuff.  So why spend all your hard earned money buying that other parka when you can get the same thing for about half the price??

Hyvat is a special 3 layer fabric that insulates, is waterproof, gives protection against wind, protection from the cold, moisture infiltration, evaporation, and promotes ventilation. (Just like that other stuff- Gor**x) 

This Proprietary three-layer configuration incorporates two different micro porous layers. Specially treated base fabric for durable water repellency. Layer 1: foam layer with minuscule micropores, improves waterproof ness, and durability. Layer 2: regularly configure micropores increase moisture permeability. Layer 3: smaller pores in the resin surface enhance waterproof ness, strengthen coating surface and inhibit dew condensation.

This parka has all of the features found in military issue Gen II ECWCS parkas and many para-military and volunteer groups use this parka instead of the expensive ones. 

Since this parka is black in color, it can be worn by various public service organizations.  Don't forget to get the fleece liner to increase the insulation value and stay warm!

What's the difference between Gen I and Gen II parkas? One difference is the Generation II hood is attached differently and can be rolled up and concealed in the collar.


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